Injection Mold Tooling & Maintenance & Automation

We provide high precision injection mold tooling and automation services


Your plastic injection mold tooling, maintenance, and automation is a high priority for our team. From the initial design stages through production, tooling maintenance, and automation, Granite State Plastics can help.

New & Transfer Tooling Services


We have robust procedures in place to ensure that when building tools or accepting transferred tools that we ensure that they can meet our customers’ requirements. Tools are built to an appropriate SPI standard based on volumes for the life of a project, part complexity, or resin characteristics.

Tooling Maintenance Services


We have a substantial Preventative Maintenance program to ensure that tools are regularly monitored and maintained in between production cycles. Many customers elect to have us maintain a level of spare parts to ensure uninterrupted production through the life of their program. Our in-house tool room is well-staffed and equipped to handle most repairs and engineering changes.

Plastics Automation Services


Complexity ranges from specialized chutes to utilizing 3 axis robots to conduct secondary activities such as degating, drilling, and pad printing beside the press. Most EOAT is built in house. We also build fixtures for processes in our Secondary Operations such as assembly, pad printing, ink jet printing, and CNC milling.

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